Wilderness talk – 2013

In August 2013 Crazy Wisdom School held our first talk at the Wilderness festival. Hosted in the Natures tent, it was billed as “Consciousness, materialism and the art of personal development”.

naturestalk1On the stage were two of the original Crazy Wisdom School founders, David Fuller and Rafia Morgan, with our good friend Charlie Cannon making up a threesome, the tent started at about 80% capacity and filled up quickly. It was by far the most popular talk of the weekend in the tent – there was clearly a big appetite for it, and it touched a nerve.

Wilderness was a perfect venue, one of the key thoughts underpinning CWS is that the post-rave generation are now in a place where they have probably had experiences of transcendence, of accessing deeper levels of being through drugs – and so have the context to understand the spiritual experience that’s possible through the inner work of self-awareness.

David Fuller began by talking about the recent furore over the TEDx event in London, where Rupert Sheldrake’s talk about the limits of science and the problem of consciousness was banned. The argument was how this was illustrative of the problem that the mainstream has with issues of consciousness and spirituality, and a sign that a new worldview was needed, and was being constellated.

This led onto a discussion of what a worldview with consciousness at its centre might look like, and how intellectual understanding was only one part of the answer – and that true change, both personal and cultural – would only come once that understanding was embodied. Meaning that we each have to make the journey ourselves away from separation to oneness – a connection to our inner essence.

rsz_rafcharliemeRafia and then Charlie talked about their journeys. Rafia told his compelling story – the classic American 60s journey of radical activism and struggle against the Vietnam war – but then dropping acid and realising that the activists were acting out all the same patterns of anger and separation as the political classes. He then went on an inner journey that took him to the Osho community in India, and then becoming a facilitator and creator of a process called Path of Love which aims to give its participants a connection to their inner divine essence.

Charlie talked about how his experiences of deep connection with himself and others had come through in the depths of the rave – on dancefloors and festival fields. He said how he had always longed to access some of that same experience in everyday life – and how, slowly, through doing enough inner work on himself, he was getting there. His words really struck a chord with the crowd and got several rounds of applause.

All in all it was a huge success, the first public event and a full house. Many thanks to Louise Carver for hosting the talk in her Natures tent.

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