Crazy Wisdom School builds on, and takes from, some of the great pioneers of consciousness. here are some links to talks, articles and profiles of some profound thinkers – heretics who have gone against the grain of the materialist modern mindset and sketched out what amounts to a completely new worldview – with consciousness and spirituality at its centre.

– Stanislav Grof will be seen in the future as one of the greatest psychotherapists of all time. Beginning with LSD and then through his creation of holotropic breathwork, he has voyaged further into the unconscious than just about anyone. Through everything he has seen, he believes that we need to restore a relationship with altered states to bring our culture back towards health. His lecture series ‘The Psychology of the Future’ is one of the most complete explanations of his background and thought. A Crazy Wisdom School profile of him is here.

– Richard Tarnas worked with Grof at Esalen, the granddaddy of all the personal development centres. A deep thinker and brilliant philosopher – he sketches out a persuasive explanation of why the western worldview has run out of road, isolated us and is ready for renewal in the return of the intuition and the re-enchantment of the world. Article here.


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